The Pambos Taekwondo Center school was founded in 1992 by Mr. Pambos Hadjiharalambous and for two years it was under the supervision and guidance of Korean Master Han.

From the day the school was founded to this day, the main instructor has been Mr.Pambos Hadjiharalambous, who has worked with zeal and love for the sport and the students of the school. His knowledge and experience led to continuous success both in Cyprus and abroad.

Since 2009 it has been operating in a privately-owned space with modern facilities and the specifications of the Cyprus Sports Organization (CMO).

The main goal of the school, and especially of our trainers, is to showcase out athletic talents and to help our athletes evolve and grow into good people with ethics and confidence. Through tireless efforts, we have achieved to promote athletes who have represented Cyprus in World and European Championships with several successes internationally.

One of the biggest successes of our school abroad, was at the 2011 World Championship that was held in Korea, with 150 countries participating. Our athlete, Andreas Stylianou took the 3 rd place and the bronze medal, bringing a huge success for both our school and Cyprus.

What’s important is, that our athlete achieved this attainment of great importance and worth in the birthplace of Taekwondo, and by becoming the 3 rd World Champion, he achieved the greatest success any Cypriot athlete has achieved in the last 20 years in Taekwondo.

Taekwondo is recognized as one of the most popular martial arts of self-defense and that’s why many people choose to practice it, without aspiring to do it at a high level.

All of our coaches are experienced in both Taekwondo and working with children.

The coaches

Pambos Hadjiharalambous

Mr. Pambos Hadjiharalambous began his career in martial arts at a young age, in particular at the age of 14, where he showed a keen interest in Taekwondo. In 1992 and after many years of training, he decided to open his own Taekwondo School. He attended many seminars and as a coach he has proved himself at various championships in Cyprus. He has also represented Cyprus abroad, with athletes he’s trained all these years, with plenty of successes, including the 3 rd place at the 2011 Men’s World Championships in Korea.

Marina Hadjiharalambous

Marina Hadjiharalambous was involved in Taekwondo from an early age. As an athlete she represented the PAMBOS TAEKWONDO school, she has been the champion of Cyprus for several years and has represented our country in European and World championships many times.
She studied psychology at Sunderland University and is working with athletes and sports teams as a consulting therapist.
She holds a recognized Taekwondo diploma for 4 Dan.

Eutuhios Hadjiharalambous

Eutuxios Hadjiharalambous was involved in Taekwondo from a very early age and was the youngest athlete of our school. In his athletic career he turned out to become the champion of Cyprus and represented our country in European and World championships.
He graduated from the Limassol Athletic School and enlisted in the army where he participated in the Taekwondo World Military Games in Vietnam during his military service in 2012, where he was placed 5 th . In 2017, he completed his studies at Teesside University and holds a degree in Sport & Exercise (Applied Exercise Science).
He holds a recognized Taekwondo diploma of 4 Dan.

The international successes of our school

World Games

3rd place Andreas Stylianou, Korea 2011
9th place Antonis Kyriakou, Denmark 2009

World military games

5th place Eutychios Hadjiharalambus, Vietnam 2012

Pan-European Games

5th place Panagiotis Iakovou, Romania 2016 (pan European)
5th place Michalis Constantinou, Romania 2013 (pan European)
5th place Andreas Stylianou England 2012
5th place Andreas Stylianou Russia 2010

International tournament

1st place Vasilis Kotoris, Sofia G1 2018
1st place Christina Loizou, Belgium 2018
1st place Vasilis Kotoris, Belgium 2018
1st place Rafael Michael, Belgium 2018
2nd place Sotiris Tsiakkas, Belgium 2018
3rd place Andreas Pandelidis, Belgium 2018
3rd place Marinos Papapetrou, Belgium 2018
2nd place Kyproula Georgiou, Sofia 2017
3rd place Michalis Konstantinou, Thessaloniki G1 2016
2nd place Rafael Michael, Cyprus 2015
2nd place Vassilis Kotoris, Thessaloniki 2015
5th place Kyproula Georgiou, Thessaloniki 2015
9th place Panagiotis Iakovou, Thessaloniki 2015
2nd place Pantelis Pantelidis, Thessaloniki 2014
3rd place Kyproula Georgiou, Thessaloniki 2013
3rd place Michalis Konstantinou, Thessaloniki 2013
2nd place Antonis Kyriakou, Thessaloniki 2010
3rd place Andreas Stylianou, Thessaloniki 2010
5th place Andreas Stylianou, France 2010
3rd place Marina Hadjiharalambus, Israel 2008